The Hipogest Group also operates in the real estate sector, in the areas of investment, property management and execution of engineering projects through Hipogest - Real Estate, Engineering and Projects, SA. We are based in Portugal with a delegation in Angola specialized in real estate, industrial and agricultural engeneering projects. We develop several types of flexible customized solutions in accordance with customer's needs, going from consulting to partial architectural engineering and "turnkey" projects.

With an experience of 20 years in the development of engineering projects, industrial and real estate, the Group ensures efficiency and economy in the execution of all types of industrial and real estate projects. The "turnkey" solutions for projects and industrial units, especially agrifood units and cold platforms that ensure an effective control of costs without surprises of overspending.

In its vast customer portfolio the group has retail, aviation hangars, cold platforms, slaughterhouses, factories, car parks, among others. The Group has recently developed in Angola a project of a frozen and cold logistics network that consists of 5 platforms as a mean of development and sustainment of agricultural resources, fisheries and livestock.

Property management and execution of Engineering projects

Flexible solutions from consulting to partial architectural engineering and "turnkey" projects.